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    What is FutureRealms?​

    FutureRealms is a cracked server hoping to serve as the best of the cracked. We make use of many plugins to enhance gameplay. We do have anti cheat plugins, so dont even try! If you like to request anything, just post it here!

    What do we offer?​

    We offer a lot, we have both survival and creative gamemode in our server. We use the very popular plugins called Factions and Towny for land protection. We also have a few minigames installed, such as Paintball and Mobarena.

    Why should you choose us?​

    We have a lot of expertise with hosting servers, with all our skills we have designed a marvelous server, great for teamplay and pleasure. I know that we don't have a lot of people online ( usually 8 - 15 ), but do realise that the server hasn't been up so long. Every day we get around 20 - 40 new players online, so in a few weeks we will have grown!

    How can you help?​

    You can help to let us grow! How? Very simple! Invite all your friends to our server, it is cracked, so they dont even need to have a premium account! Let's make it even more fun, you could even make whole let's plays on our server with ur friends! Share the word about this fantastic server!

    Join now and receive a complete iron kit for free!

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