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    CraftWorld is a new 1.8.1 Survival server with bukkit.

    Unfortunately we are just up via hamachi
    Hamachi server's:
    Password on both servers is 123

    The IP to use with MC is

    1. No griefing
    2. No stealing (Will have a protection plugin)
    3. No begging for rank
    4. No asking for time set to day
    5. No spamming
    6. No mods
    7. No asking for items
    8. PvP is ALLOWED so don't cry if you get killed (When killed in PvP, others can take your stuff)

    Have fun

    More info at:

    Currently the server is up for 15 people.
    We are searching for 3 nice and friendly ops/admins.
    If we reach the player limit, we will try to increase it, and if it works we will add one more op every 5th new member.

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