YAMCS 24/7 Survival [Econ, Guilds & more] (3 weeks old)

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    This is a pvp enabled, 24/7 running, white listed server, which provides pure survival feeling, both monsters and humans will be (and will get more) dangerous here. We support group and guild creating with fair fights and rewards. We do not support griefing and senseless or unfair fights or stealings!

    Website: yamcs.net

    Server & World

    Server location: Germany
    Technical: VPS Cloud Server, 4 CPUs, RAM on demand (up to 16GB)
    Bukkit plugins: BigBrother, CraftIRC, Essentials, Guilds, iConomy, LWC, MinecartMania, MsgReply, Permissions, TelePlus, TreeHugger, WorldEdit, WorldGuard
    Admins: potsk, gaizkanja

    Current world settings

    Monsters on, PVP on, Animals on
    No fire spread
    No creeper block damage


    Guilds can be created, please ask a admin if you want to. Type "/gg cmd" for command help.
    Not to have one big guild we have a size limit of 7 players for now!


    Everyone gets 100 coins on start, you can send payments to each other on trading, you can get more coins on city jobs or with player - services like the protector or detective does. For example a protected chest costs 15 coins per week, looking who opened your chest costs 5 coins.

    Service roles

    They will protect one or your chests and collects the money weekly. They money will get the the town depot, protectors gets 1 chest for free and they can add one more for normal charge.

    These players are protectors: Oinz

    If you think you got stolen or griefed, they can tell you who did open your chest or destroyed your blocks. This will cost 5 coins per action (one chest or one area of blocks) and will be free for themselves.

    These players are detectives: gaizkanja


    Is runnig with standard settings, e.g.:

    * GoldBlock Boosts carts by 8x, Gravel slows carts to 1/2 speed, disabled by redstone power
    * Iron Blocks eject passengers/mobs, Cloth reverse minecart direction, disabled by redstone power
    * Unpowed Obsidian stops minecarts, powered Obsidian Launches stopped minecarts
    * Signs with a direction (north, south, east, west) adjacent to obsidian can override the standard new direction selection
    * Pressure Plates act as rails
    * Minecarts that collide with animals/mobs will kill them
    * Minecarts return to the owner (player that created them) when destroyed (if possible).


    1. Respect other players

    No griefing, hacking, duping, client tools
    No endless whining, complaining
    No 1x1 towers, 2x2 towers or things like planes in inner city :)
    Speak english in main channel
    No mining in inner city
    Do not run too far away in one direction

    Latest news

    12.02.2011: New whitelist system (no building permissions on begin)
    11.02.2011: Complete update of all plugins
    09.02.2011: Website created
    02.01.2011: Guilds can be created
    01.01.2011: Fun with minecart mania now!
    30.01.2011: Economy started
    29.01.2011: MsgReply added (/m & /r)
    25.01.2011: Protected chests availeable at the bank
    24.01.2011: General commands availeable (type /help)


    Code: Select all
    Minecraft Username:
    Why do you want to join our server?
    What time(s) of day do you plan on playing?
    What do you plan to do on this server?
    Mod or Admin experience?
    Anything else?

    Any questions or comments, feel free to PM to me or post in this thread! If u accepted i send u the Ip.
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    Looks like a nice server, but almost everyone here plays on minecraftnews server.
  3. gaizkanja

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    Feb 14, 2011
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    ya but if u searching for an alternative join our server

    with guest system u can join instand -> yamcs.net

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