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    As I searched about for Minecraft servers hitting a few that was decent or just complete duds. I came across WildCraft, I decided to try this server out because of their catch phrase "A terrifyingly pleasant experience." It wasn't shouting "We're the best!" or "You won't regret choosing this!" which I favored because it was just a simple phrase.
    As I dived into the server, which was very easy and quick for I quickly became White listed, I was welcomed by this simple spawn city. It wasn't vastly huge to get lost in also I could find my way to the build/wilderness areas rather simply. A lot of other servers lack this for I would go for hours and never find my way around. The server's rule system is very fair and understandable for why it is there. Also they have enough commands such as city warps and various others where it makes the game fun, but at the same time is not overwhelming. I've been playing for roughly for 16 days on WildCraft and I had ups and downs with it. Lag is a main issue when I first started and it almost became unbearable, it has been improved since then although I still experience it occasionally getting Disconnected or server going down for periods of times. On the other hand I can tell they're trying to improve the server more and more which I have noticed. The ranks system is earned through Donations through PayPal. Which I am not a fan of. For any minor with a parents credit card can have the power of a moderator or people in general who has money can just buy Mod powers, but I do see their point of view as well, needing to be able to run the server as it grows and expanding it further and further. In the end, the server provides me a simple, but not too confusing place to enjoy this game. The server greatly is against griefing and PvP is allowed, but on a fun scale. I rarely worry about someone attacking me in my own home while I am trying to build it lol.
    *Fast and Easy White-list.
    *Simple commands and plug-ins.
    *Not expansive spawn area, easy to navigate from the start.
    *Moderators are always on
    *Fun PvP
    *Paying Ranks for Mod powers
    *Lag ( They are improving it though.)

    Overall I'll give the Server a 8/10 and the Admin/Moderators 7/10. For personally I think nothing is perfect and it gives rooms for improvements, but I like where this server is going.

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