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    Hello everyone

    Shortcutsurvival is one of the best servers out there for your survival and pvp needs. Here is what we offer.

    A great survival experience: We are a survival/faction server. We are hardcore so griefing is allowed. We have lots of competition for you out there so you can always find someone to compete against.

    Mcmmo/Prayer: These are some of the features that we allow on our server to provide a unique experience. Mcmmo gives you power ups as you level your skills such as mining so that you can speed things up or gain an advantage over other players. Prayer gives you pvp benefits from an alter. You do /pray or /curse (name of power) and you can get building and pvp benefits.

    Hard-Core Zombie Mobs: Do you find zombies too easy to kill? Not anymore. We are giving all zombies and some other mobs potion powers so they are harder to kill, making the game a lot more fun.

    New Style Eco: Our eco is not the normal [buy[ signs and [sell] signs or /buy or /sell. Our eco is based on jobs, auctions and trading signs. It is more of a player based economy where there is a low, but stable Jobs economy where you get the same thing for doing a job such as mining, or killing zombies. The Auctions and Trading is where you make your big eco. Since everything costs $ you need to make as much money as you can. We have stores that you can buy with in game money or donations.

    Coming soon:

    Classes: We are going to add another level to our pvp part of the game. We are going to add different classes into the game. The different classes are going to be.

    Warrior: melee/ranged bow
    Paladin: Holy Powered melee/healer
    Rouge: Sneaking melee class with poisons
    Archer: Ranged bow.
    Hunter: uses companions/ranged bow
    Priest: Healer/ ranged spells
    Mage: Ranged spells specialists.

    Each one you can level to the extreme and find new benefits to it. This is under development.

    Please come online and join the fun experience.

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