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Discussion in 'Servers' started by Waldorf, May 16, 2012.

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  1. Waldorf

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    May 15, 2012
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    Without further adieu...

    Today, MinecraftNews.net rolls out the ASRS Advertisement Server Ranking System.

    Every server which is posted as an advertisement to visit and join, is subject to this ranking system. The initial fundamental idea is to be fair, factual, consistent, and provide users with a method to help them make their decisions. Advertisers are not discouraged from posting your server Ads. All are welcome! The ASRS is a means to the average user, and help marry them up with a server with like minded people and aligned server or play-style goals.

    The Server Rank will be a LARGE font Numerical value between 6 and 30.

    Servers who score a ASRS value of 24 or better will receive a SPOTLIGHT position in the server advertisement section and hold a sticky for no less than 2 weeks.

    Servers who score a ASRS value of 30 will receive in addition to the SPOTLIGHT position, a personalized MCNews.net video review, presented by a staff "Lets Play Commentator", and highlighted as the server of the month.

    Servers who are ever evolving, or receive a less than desirable value, may request but is not expected to; be re-ranked no less than 30 days from the last review. I.e. one months time must pass before a re-review can be conducted.

    Opinions are stricken from the reviews... unless they're funny... which is also subject to opinion.

    There are 6 categories for review. Individual category rankings are given in order of Numerical scale from 1 (lowest) to 5.

    Below is a copy of the scoring chart for everyone to understand and review on their own, as well as an Sample ranking.

    I myself along with my esteemed colleague Statler, or is it steamed?.. will do the reviews. Good luck to all and enjoy.

    The introductions done...Now, "On with the Show!"



    1 = ( Server Not stable. Lagged out to disconnect)
    2 = ( Server was up and down several times during my 15 mins online)
    3 = ( Server shows little or no lag, however due to low population or off peak hours, difficult to accurately determine)
    4 = ( Server showed no lag, however some lag was seen after 15 min, very minor)
    5 = ( Server has ZERO lag at a decent size load of players)


    1 = ( No one else present within a one hour time frame)
    2 = ( 2 or less people at least logged in)
    3 = ( Timezone clearly labeled and identified. Several players present or logged in.)
    4 = ( Timezone clearly labeled, active members 6 or less)
    5 = ( Timezone clearly labeled, server is very active and bustling with players.)

    Admin Presence

    1 = ( None present, clearly needed)
    2 = ( None present, no immediate need for one to be around..I.e. unlock permissions for you being new etc.)
    3 = ( None present, however it is noted with automated system responses, or posted clearly, that one can be available)
    4 = ( At least some admin present, little interaction with public)
    5 = ( Admin is present, and or immediately available, and in actively interacting with public)


    1 = ( Spawn area is nothing, junk, poor constructed structures, or heavily griefed area at start)
    2 = ( Spawn has nothing, junk, poor constructed structures, no griefing at spawn locations)
    3 = ( Spawn area is defined, griefing is present despite appearing to be a safe place… it isn’t.)
    4 = ( Spawn area secure, area is well organized)
    5 = ( Spawn area is secure, very well organized, well defined areas for building.)


    1 = ( Can not log onto server)
    2 = ( Can log in, cant do anything, no one around to help.)
    3 = ( Can log in, activation required via a website… nothing till then)
    4 = ( Can log in, activated via website or addon, however is done rather quickly ~10 mins lost.)
    5 = ( Upon loging in, your settings are already setup and by default ready to go. Via Mods, Addons, or preselection of new users, playing is a “go†from the moment you log in.)


    1 = ( Rude, mature language widely used and abused, heavy griefing)
    2 = ( Rude, some mature language used and accepted with what appears to be heated conversations)
    3 = ( Some mature language, tho is normally immediately corrected or requested corrected. Players are generally helpful)
    4 = ( Easy to get along players, very helpful, no slips of mature language or material)
    5 = ( Mods and addons installed to prohibit use of mature language, no mature materials, players are extremely helpful.)

    Example :
    MinecraftNews.net Site Server
    Pass: Password
    ASRS : 24
    Connection - 4
    Population - 2
    Admin Presence - 5
    Environment - 5
    Accessibility - 4
    NSFW - 4
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  2. Statler

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    May 15, 2012
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    What did he say??!? Something about a "CHICKEN"?!??
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