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    A little bit about the owner:
    I have been playing minecraft since Thanks Giving 2011. In that short time I have grown to love the game. I have cursed it, I have deleted it, I have hacked it, I have raged on it. Like all of you I have curses the minecraft gods. Yet through all of this I have still stuck with the game. Most of us hav similar feelings about the game I assume.
    I have been staff for too many servers to count. There are a few servers I remember though. VillageCraft which I thank much for helping me realize that I should own a server. For certain reasons I am no longer co-owner on there (their loss). Another one of these servers was ChickenMc. I was admin on there. No longer running today. I have played on at least 200 servers. Ranging from Towny to vanilla. Out of all my experiences I obviously liked towny the best.
    When I first started out on minecraft I never utilized having a fast computer. I didn't build a single house. I would always wander until I found a village. Slowly and slowly I started building wood houses. Then I started living in caves, and slowly grasping the concept of the game. Then one summer I decided to get my multi-player account. The first server I played on, Bacon Ranch, was a towny server. Being new to the game I didn't understand the whole don't build in spawn concept and i got stuck in a trap. I rage quit. I then was server hopping for a while where I got my first faction experienced (grieved and raided) needless to say that ended up rage quitting. Then I found a nice server called special attack. I played on that for a while then I quit to be admin on VillageCraft. Many of you have heard some of the staff talk about VillageCraft and noticed that the owner is in spawn. Let me tell you the entire story.
    I was looking at servers and I found VillageCraft. I liked the server and I became admin in about a week. I helped the server cracked a few cases of power abuse, and I was loved and I loved the server. Then we were screwed over. The owner made the wrong person admin, and we payed for it. Everything was reset about one month back. Then when 1.3 came out the server shut down for 2 months. This began my hacker days, but more on that later. I came back helped nurse the server balk to health, bnussman then converted his server to the cluttered mess it is today. I then was demoted to admin. I went on vacation and I was demoted to default. This was a sad moment for me at the time, but now i realize its one of the best things to happen for the server. At that moment I realized I should own a server. I set off to work on it. Two months later we got the server up and players were joining.
    Now the much awaited point of the story, my hacking days. As you all know I have installed mods, I have x-rayed, I have done all these things. Yes I was caught and I was appropriately punished for it. Just like you will be on here. That being said I had just lost all of my lvl 30 enchanted armor because I forgot to take some food on a mining trip. There was a skeleton attacking me and I was in lava, and I had fire resist pots I was ▬▬▬▬▬▬. I lost obviously and all of my stuff was lost in lava. I raged I x-rayed on a random server until i came back then I x-rayed there i was brutal. I cheated so much that month. After about a week I started hacking servers. At the time I didn't know how much it hurts to have your server hacked. I now realize how much it hurts. Finally VillageCraft opened up again and I slowly came out of my rage. The rest is history.
    Despite me being a hacker, despite all my minecraft experiences, which are in the past, I care for the server. I care for each player its not my server its your server because without players like you guys we wouldn't have a server.
    [FONT=Helvetica Neue, sans-serif]#Checkered Past[/FONT]

    [FONT=Helvetica Neue, sans-serif]The server has had a rough time lately and I thought, what can make it better? More donations of course so I sweetened up the donation packages an nothing worked. I advertised more, no one stayed. So I am coming here hope you all have a great time on the server.[/FONT]

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