Empires Craft [1.5.2, Hardcore Raiding,Events]

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    Empires Craft.
    1.5.2 UPDATED!!!

    IP: S25.HOSTHORDE.COM:25645


    About us:
    Empires Craft is a bukkit server using 16GB Ram with 175 Slots, Our world border is 8K (Soon to increase if needed) and we are not currently that busy (We are in need of some new blood! [​IMG])
    We also have the nether and The End enabled so happy hunting!
    What can you do on Empires Craft?:
    Are you sick of factions, With claimed land? I think we all are! On empires craft we do not use factions, we use teams there is no claiming invloved just hardcore raid and pvping. TNT, Lava and FIRE are enabled. Enderchests are also banned so that you can raid every last item! You can do pretty much what you want and grief pretty much what you want on Empires Craft, Just follow the rules and you will get along fine! We also host regular events like DTC's, Ladderkings, Hunger games, Last man standing (Many more too come check them out!) We also have a shop, at spawn you can buy most rare items and sell most items too with the command /sell

    Come check us out!
    At: S25.HOSTHORDE.COM:25645
    Happy raiding on Empires Craft! Remember to have fun and enjoy your time here!

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