Dynex Nation 1.5.2 Faction Server

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    Hey Guys And Welcome To Dynex Craft

    We Are Run On A Faction PvP Server That Includes Economy And McMMo.

    Server Ip

    Staff Roster Below


    Jon [StayZexy]
    Savage [SaVaGe_KiLLz]
    [Still Looking]

    Although We Are Nice And Easy Going There Are Still Some Rules To Follow
    (Some Include)

    * Don't Ask For Op/Staff Rank- We Will Recruit You If We Feel You Are A Good Fit
    [The Punishment Is A 1 Day Temp-Ban]
    **If We Find Out That Ypu Are Using A Hack Client There Will Be Punishments
    [First A 3 Day Temp-Ban...It Will Get Longer Each Time And Might Lead To A Perm-Ban]
    *** Consistant Swearing Is Prohibited
    [1 Day Jail]
    **** Spamming Is Not Allowed-2 Warnings
    [First A 1 Day Mute...Will Get Longer Is Problem Persists]
    *****Do Not Disrespect Others-3 Warnings
    [3 Day Jail]

    Okay So For Some fast Travel There Are Some Warps

    Nether-/Warp Nether
    End-/Warp End
    Jail-/Warp Jail
    Practice Parkour-/Warp PP
    Server Hall Of Fame-/Warp HoF
    Sell Shop-/Warp Sell
    PvP Arena-/Warp PvP
    [Each Warp Takes About 2-4 Seconds To Commense]

    If you have any additional questions please ask me!
    And one other thing, tell the owner you where reffered by me and I [Oak] Will Make sure to get you some pretty good stuff.

    Lastly Enjoy Yourself, But Make Sure You Are Following The Rules! See You On Dynex Craft... Peace

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