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    CraftSiege was born when a group of players, playing on another Minecraft server decided that they themselves could in fact do better. Sick of the all the drama, bias, hypocrisy, ignorance, and staff who insisted on using their position to promote their agenda, the three individuals consisiting of Grixer, Ikorolch, and RelentlessSoviet set off to accomplish this challenging task.Their goal was quite simple. The goal was to create a server by players for players. Having experienced a variety of other servers, we decided to put together the best possible combination of plugins, gameplay, and policies to create an environment that is driven by you the player. Our philosophy is to maintain an extremely limited role in the player’s everyday lives on the server.As a result we think we can establish an element second to none. Players on CraftSiege won’t be dictated by the staff on what they can and can’t do, they won’t be stone-walled by staff who are biased due to hearsay, their situations will be examined case by case based on context. Here at CraftSiege we want the players to create and control their own destiny, to shape the events that go on our worlds themselves, and to create an experience that anyone can enjoy.

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