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    Website: www.pandacraft.net

    Server IP: mc.pandacraft.net

    - Towny
    - Jobs
    - Pvp
    - Survival
    - Pandas
    - Economy
    - Good Community
    - Loving Staff
    - Player Interaction

    What is the server about?
    Pandacraft is all about the community. We put the community before us. Pandacraft is not just some random server. It is a home where everyone should feel welcomed. A place where people join together to do amazing things. Pandacraft is a very unique server where you won't find another like it, but lets be honest Pandacraft is not for everyone. Some people play the game for the exciting rush you get when you are pvping against 3 people and you end up winning. I'm not saying that is not going to happen here on Pandacraft, but you might have better chances somewhere else. Here we are all about community. We log on to see each other and the exciting adventures that we have in store. If you are looking for a home, then Pandacraft is the home for you.

    How you can help us.
    Pandacraft is unique and doesn't pull in as many people as some of the bigger servers, but for the community it does have, it is perfect just the way it is. Being the way Pandacraft is it can sometimes struggle reaching that goal to be able to renew the server every month. Being able to receive donations to help keep the server going is what fuels us. It gives us that rush to keep pushing and being able to expand and add new things for the community. Yea, not everyone is able to donate, but for the ones that do it helps tremendously. It helps let the community's life continue and keep those precious moments you can look back on.

    How we can help you.
    How do we help you? We try our best to provide you all with a home. A place to come and relax and feel welcomed. A place where your opinions are heard. Our main goal is you and we want to make you happy. So aiming for this goal we want to try to give back. As a community if we are able to make these goals to be able to renew the server every month that means we can use the leftovers to help you guys. We can have giveaways where some of you community members may get a chance to win some prizes or maybe get that new iPad you want, but all of this depends on you guys. We can't offer this if we do not manage to stay afloat. So lets get through this together.

    Pandacraft Tutorial
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