[1.5.2] Mozartrealms [24/7] [PvP server] [Survival anti-grief server]

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    Server IP: pvp.mozartrealms.com
    Server Website: www.mozartrealms.com

    MozartRealms is a Mozart recommended PvP raid server to meet all your destruction and pillaging needs. Bring your friends along and create a faction to annihilate weaker factions and take their delicious goods. Feast upon the blood of your enemies as their heads stare down from the walls of your faction base. This is just a taste of what you could be enjoying at MozartRealms right now.

    On MozartRealms, you won’t have to spend hours mining to build a good base – we have a shop to buy and sell materials. Diamonds are currency, and you can get diamonds by voting on our website for a total of 36 diamonds every 24 hours. We also have minimal rules and friendly staff to help with all your crafting and raiding needs.

    The main features of our PvP server are:
    - Factions
    - Mcmmo
    - PvP, raiding and griefing allowed and encouraged

    For the more faint of heart, we also have a Survival server:
    - Preciousstones (protects land and chests)
    - Optional PvP, no raiding or griefing

    MozartRealms also has lots of fun arenas and mini-games when you don’t want to build or raid.

    - PvP arena (Safe PvP!)
    - Mob arena
    - End dragon arena
    - Wither arena
    - Survival Games (Hunger games)
    - MozartRealms Maze
    - Spleef

    Mozart would turn over in his grave if you didn’t come check us out, so see you on MozartRealms!

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