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    hi everyone :hi:im new here, so im sorry, if this isnt the right place to write this, but i need some help with my YAMS server :) i think the Worlds are almost done (yeah, there's more than one ;) ), but i cant find out how to make all the rules, the mobarena, ranks, shops, and the first-time-spawnlocation. can anybody help me with that? :) i do also need someone to be my right hand on my server :) like admins, when i find out of that :) its a no-PvP server, no grief server, and right now, a server without any monsters, but still u have to eat :) i like that, actually :D there areright now 4 Worlds, overworld, end, nether, and the spawnworld :D and im planing a hunger games World too :D and maybe a creative one, and one with monsters :) if ur interested, and if u want to Work ( ;) ), then please message me, and we'll take a look :D thank u :D
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