Just a few questions (delete this, if it's in the wrong place)

Discussion in 'Minecraft News Offcial Server' started by LittlePickleWing, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. LittlePickleWing

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    Jan 6, 2011
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    Allright, so I'm a new guy, confused about alot of things, like new guys/girls/something I don't really wanna put a question mark on, and I just got a question...

    Where is the wall, that I'm not supposed to build inside of?

    And no, I havn't build anything, because I don't know where there's free space, and where there's someone using the space. Perhaps I'm just a Slowpoke (Sloooow... Pickle?), when it comes to finding anything, that's actually important. D:

    And like the topic name says, delete this, if it's in the wrong place. And excuse me, for my horrid english.

  2. Hamnisu

    Hamnisu New Member

    Nov 6, 2010
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    Hey, LittlePcikleWing. Welcome to this forum!

    I may not be the one to answer this question, but I hope you feel a little bit wiser after our little tour :)

    We passed the wall once, but I don't think you noticed it. And also, I am a little bit uncertain in what direction the wall stretches. But you got a place to call your own, and you got some basic materials, hope that counts for something at least :)
  3. howlgram

    howlgram New Member

    Nov 11, 2010
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    LPW, this might help: http://www.minecraftnews.net/conten...our-first-Minecraft-SMP-server-read-the-rules!
    and answering your question, the first place where u appear when u enter the server, is the main square, crafted by our admin Robin. After u get out of there u can build anywhere u want, this is not like creative where ppl make a big fence and fight their territory, just be kind and find an empty space

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