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    Im not to sure if this is the right place to put this so sorry if it wrong.

    Right so basically were new to this website. We're going to be setting up some servers (on xbox 360). We shall be recording it but what we are looking for is some people to come join in. We have started are own youtube (Link will be at bottom). We will be doing loads of different game modes such as hunger games, Survival, Journey To The End, Lets Play and Lets Build. We're just looking for people to come be apart of are team and just pass on the word to help us get started. We haven't started recording the videos as im waiting for a M/F Component for me to be able to do voice overs. We have a few memebers that want to join in already. Anyway my GT is o Arnell o add me and we will have a talk.

    We need someone who can also edit videos as im not the best at it. So hit me up with that.

    Are Youtube channel is:
    Bare in mind we have only set up yesterday and are currently getting all are youtube channel kitted out with some awesome graphics!

    Thank you for taking your time to read hope t speak to you soon

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