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Nov 9, 2010
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Jul 26, 1990 (Age: 28)
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You've gotten far John

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Oct 8, 2017
    1. howlgram
      im bored... x3
    2. Theguffy1990
      Oh wow!! Thanks for putting it on the front page!! More attention, and again, THANK YOU!! :)
    3. MarksMan
      Damn you evil nyan caaat!!!
    4. howlgram
      that is a hell of a spider :D
      how have u been? :) and whats up over here?
    5. y8-games
      Hi, I'm BacVV. Happy to be acquainted with you

      Chaos faction 2|Bloons tower defense 4|Free rider 2|Age of war|Super smash flash
    6. frazier6567
      Do you actually play yet?
    7. Tyler Nothwang
      Tyler Nothwang
      also apv what i mean by ufo is unidentified flying object. my dad said it was probably a old satellite burning up in earths atmosphere. oh and no i wasn't stoned i haven't had weed in couple of mouths and i don't plan to be smoking anymore, because i want to get a job and i cant take the chance of getting drug tested so i had it 1 last time a while ago =p.
    8. Tyler Nothwang
      Tyler Nothwang
      >.> i aint poor.... in either terms.....
    9. Tyler Nothwang
      Tyler Nothwang
      fourth i am not kidding around...

      i am dead seruios about this. you may not beleave me but thats fine and no i wasent on drugs or enything. i know what i saw and i know how real it was.
    10. Tyler Nothwang
      Tyler Nothwang
      i just saw a ufo! no joke a ufo just flew over my house in the sky i was lying down on my bed looking in the sky and next thing i know i see thing big green neon brite ball. and i was like holy shit then it got so brite it hurt my eyes for a second and then it vanished it lasted from about 3-5 seconds and it just vanished into thin air.
    11. Tyler Nothwang
      Tyler Nothwang
      thanks apv. she will always pull through shes to tough to let such a small thing stop her. haha. reminded me of my dad, both of em stubborn. like mother like son?
    12. Time
      Well hello there
    13. Tyler Nothwang
      Tyler Nothwang
      aww sorry to hear that. my grandma may die soon she keeps ending up in the hospitle she just got her apendix taken out.
    14. Tyler Nothwang
      Tyler Nothwang
      easter event is out
    15. Tyler Nothwang
      Tyler Nothwang
      oh and apv stop working your self to death >.>
    16. Tyler Nothwang
    17. Painy
      Howdy all! If you can't tell.. this.. is.. Blody.

    18. Tyler Nothwang
      Tyler Nothwang
      bought dfs fury logs for 92 fm bars for 80 smith and stuff for 80 craft
    19. Tyler Nothwang
      Tyler Nothwang
      just got 42m today =p
    20. Tyler Nothwang
      Tyler Nothwang
      wow i trimed it >.> the blue on the frunt is white and the back lines are white instead of the sky blue
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    Jul 26, 1990 (Age: 28)
    My Shed
    You've gotten far John
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